Greetings!    I'm Bill Young, a non-stipendiary Minister of Word and Sacrament ("NSM") in the United Reformed Church, currently serving as Training Officer in our Coventry and Warwickshire District.

From the time of my ordination in 1996 until September 2001 I shared pastoral charge of Brownshill Green URC and Holyhead Road URC - the two churches that make up the North West Coventry Group.

"Non-stipendiary" means that, although I was ordained in 1996 to serve in the Church, I earn my living from a secular job - in my case as a Mechanical Engineer working mainly in the automotive industry.

The domain name "revdbill.com" was a gift from my churches in August 2000 following two years without a full-time colleague.  I hope to build up this site:

The site is always likely to be "under construction", so please bear with its shortcomings and come back later to see what's going on.

If you've any other ideas, comments or want to get in touch, please

email me at bill@revdbill.com