"Chatterbox" is a free magazine published in the South Coventry area every two months by Christine Jones.  Since late 2002 I have been a contributor, initially "ex officio" as the minister most closely connected with West Orchard United Reformed Church.

Some of the articles can be read (most recent first) by clicking on the links below.

(Submitted) Title/Theme
November 2004 Time traveller
September 2004 A friend in need?
July 2004 A friendship is for life...
May 2004 Fear of floating?
March 2004 Jekyll and Hyde
January 2004 Grumpy old Minister
October 2003 Christmas presents
September 2003 Contrasts
May 2003 People and things
March 2003 Easter and all that
October 2002 Remembrance Day
August 2002 The good, the bad and...


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